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HR05 Hiring and Placing Talent

HR05 Hiring and Placing Talent

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HR05 Hiring and Placing Talent training course

Selecting the right employees is seen by most as the main duty of HR, but it is a crucial and challenging decision-making processes for the entire organization; Human Resource Management leads this process. An effective selection process will help an organization choose the best person from the pool of applicants who will fit both the specific open position and the organization as a whole. Hiring the wrong person will negatively impact performance, quality, and productivity for the organization, while increasing the turnover rate. If the selection process is discriminatory, this can lead to litigation and compromise the organization’s reputation. Choosing the right people enables the organization to reach its goals and objectives and to compete more effectively in the marketplace. This course discusses how Human Resource Management selects the right candidate for a job and the organization to create a human-based competitive advantage for the company.

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