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Client Safety and Positioning for Occupational Therapy

Client Safety and Positioning for Occupational Therapy

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Client Safety and Positioning for Occupational Therapy training course

Many clients have difficulty getting out of bed, walking around, bathing, or using a wheelchair.  These difficulties can lead to injuries when a client falls or attempts to do something beyond their physical capabilities.  The Occupational Therapist can prevent these incidents by learning how to best position clients and how to help them move around.  Clients are kept safe when caregivers know how to prevent falls, when to use physical restraints, and how to watch for other ways someone may become injured.  Understanding body mechanics helps therapists determine how they can best help clients without causing injury to themselves or others. This course discusses the signs that a client might have difficulties moving or staying in a safe position on their own, and what techniques caregivers can use to help their clients move, sit, and lie in a safe manner.

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  • Alabama State Board of Occupational Therapy
  • International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
  • The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)