Lightbulbs and ideas

There are five situations in which individuals typically seek out learning. If you are considering continuing your education, it may be helpful to better understand these moments to determine what you are looking for each learning opportunity to deliver.

Mosher & Gottfredson have identified five moments in which we learn.

  1. When you are learning how to do something for the first time (New)
  2. When you are expanding the breadth and depth of what you have previously learned (More)
  3. When remembering and/or applying what's been learned (Apply)
  4. When problems arise and you use your knowledge to solve the problem (Solve)
  5. When things change and you need to learn a new way of doing something (Change)

For students, understanding what moment of need they are seeking to meet can help them select the best type of course or learning method to reach their goals. There are opportunities for informal instruction at any of these learning moments. For example, if you have a leaking faucet; a quick Google search might result in suggestions for repair, including video options, step-by-step guides, or information on how to reach a local plumber. For individuals looking to obtain training for a new skill or a new career altogether; more in-depth formal training may be required. Online courses can help students meet these needs.

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